Myrna Rosen | Italic

Myrna Rosen


The Lord is my Shepherd 1980-1989

A piece showcasing a Myrna’s italic/blackletter hand

O Sing Unto the Lord 1980-1989

This was intended to be a process piece for a larger piece of the same text, but it turned out to be a lovely piece on its own and is now framed in Myrna’s house.

The Road Not Taken 1980-1989

A piece made for a theatre performance

A Good Relationship 1970-1979

A commission work Myrna did with a C nib and gauche.

Pirates 1960-1969

Myrna designed, penned, and carved a stamp as a commission for the local radio station, WQED. The piece was used to title a video production. Myrna was given total creative freedom over the “flavor” and execution, as she tells it.

Genesis 1980-1989

This piece captures a biblical passage from Genesis 1:1-5, describing God’s creation of the heavens and the earth. Myrna has crafted visual breaks in the passage with the word “GOD”, where the italic capitals are emphasized. This was submitted to a show, and later reproduced as a set of greeting cards.