Myrna Rosen | Roman

Myrna Rosen


Trees, A Poem 1970-1979

A piece that is made up of many layers (3-4) with a pointed pen and gauche

O Sing Unto the Lord 1980-1989

This was intended to be a process piece for a larger piece of the same text, but it turned out to be a lovely piece on its own and is now framed in Myrna’s house.

Rubber Stamp Pattern 2 1960-1969

Another stamp composition created by Myrna with carved out eraser stamps and ink

The Road Not Taken 1980-1989

A piece made for a theatre performance

Drink of Life’s Great Cup of Wonders 1960-1969

This is one of Myrna’s favorite pieces: a product of a experimental session. Created with a brush on toothy paper, she describes the challenge of mixing just the right moisture of ink and water to achieve the scratchy effect. Myrna has used this piece for greeting cards, and part of her official portfolio pieces.

TAHS 1955 Class Reunion 1980-1989

Myrna created the invitations to her high school reunion of the class of 1955. Myrna uses a fun green background as negative space to define the modern roman capital letters of the school, TAHS.