Myrna Rosen | Roundhand

Myrna Rosen


ABC Flowers 1980-1989

This is a favorite of Myrna’s work. It is a composition of different names of flowers that correlate to each letter of the alphabet. This work was published in the book, Florilege.

Carnegie Mellon Music Department 1980-1989

A commissioned work made for the Carnegie Mellon University Music Departement. The word ‘Music’ was hand drawn by Myrna and then filled in.

Rubber Stamp Pattern 2 1960-1969

Another stamp composition created by Myrna with carved out eraser stamps and ink

Rubber Stamp Pattern 1960-1969

A playful piece myrna created out of a stamp hand-carved out of an eraser

My Dear Isabelle 1960-1969

A commissioned work of a “love letter” from a parent to a child.

ABCs 1980-1989

A personal exercise of English Roundhand capitals. This piece was penned during the time that Myrna Rosen apprenticed under Arnold Bank.

Tricia Lynne 1970-1979

This ‘Thank you’ letter is one of countless letters and envelopes Myrna was commissioned for, before she took even one calligraphy class. This invitation thanked attendees of her niece’s Bat Mitzvah. Myrna still has a¬†unused package of these invitations.