Myrna Rosen | Blackletter     

Myrna Rosen


Carnegie Mellon University Alumni Association Award 1980-1989

Lines Exploration 1980-1989

Graphite Blackletter 1990-1999

Myrna made this piece as a commission with a #2 pencil that she sharpened into the size of a C nib.

Modern Blackletter Exploration 1980-1989

An exploration on blackletter made with watercolor in a calligraphy class.

The Lord is my Shepherd 1980-1989

A piece showcasing a Myrna’s italic/blackletter hand

Blackletter exercise 1980-1989

Pirates 1960-1969

Myrna designed, penned, and carved a stamp as a commission for the local radio station, WQED. The piece was used to title a video production. Myrna was given total creative freedom over the “flavor” and execution, as she tells it.

Modern blackletter exercise 2000-2010

On a beach vacation with her family, Myrna describes sitting up to the lunch bar with only three colors and “playing”. Myrna fondly remembers this as an ideal location to experiment with type.

Kiss Me Kate 1980-1989

A man commissioned Myrna to write this shakespearian sonnet, Kiss Me Kate, as a present for his marriage proposal. The body of text is written in Secretary, the hand Myrna Rosen is most well known for.

Blackletter exercise 1980-1989

While on a business trip with her husband, Myrna used the flip-side of the hotel desk drawer as an easel for this piece. Myrna crafted this with just a travel set of water colors and one nib. Her students are often reminded that they have to “play” to make beautiful work. Myrna, herself, claims she only ever gets to do this when she “leaves her house”.