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Myrna Rosen


Letter 1970-1979

Jackson 1960-1969

Evening Sea Wind 1960-1969

ABC Flowers Iteration 1970-1979

Lines Exploration 1980-1989

ABC Flowers 1980-1989

This is a favorite of Myrna’s work. It is a composition of different names of flowers that correlate to each letter of the alphabet. This work was published in the book, Florilege.

Carnegie Mellon Music Department 1980-1989

A commissioned work made for the Carnegie Mellon University Music Departement. The word ‘Music’ was hand drawn by Myrna and then filled in.

Rubber Stamp Pattern 2 1960-1969

Another stamp composition created by Myrna with carved out eraser stamps and ink

Rubber Stamp Pattern 1960-1969

A playful piece myrna created out of a stamp hand-carved out of an eraser

My Dear Isabelle 1960-1969

A commissioned work of a “love letter” from a parent to a child.