Myrna Rosen



  1. ABC Colors

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    Myrna created this for a request for an annual calligraphy calendar with a prompt about colors. Rather than using colors to express the work, she wrote different names of colors in a relaxed capitals hand.

  2. Pirates

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    Myrna designed, penned, and carved a stamp as a commission for the local radio station, WQED. The piece was used to title a video production. Myrna was given total creative freedom over the “flavor” and execution, as she tells it.

  3. Drink of Life’s Great Cup of Wonders

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    This is one of Myrna’s favorite pieces: a product of a experimental session. Created with a brush on toothy paper, she describes the challenge of mixing just the right moisture of ink and water to achieve the scratchy effect. Myrna has used this piece for greeting cards, and part of her official portfolio pieces.

  4. Genesis

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    This piece captures a biblical passage from Genesis 1:1-5, describing God’s creation of the heavens and the earth. Myrna has crafted visual breaks in the passage with the word “GOD”, where the italic capitals are emphasized. This was submitted to a show, and later reproduced as a set of greeting cards.