Myrna Rosen



  1. ABCs

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    This piece is a gift to her husband Jack, on there 22nd anniversary. Myrna recalls that day there was a blizzard that kept her from going out to buy him a present. So she made this piece as a gift instead. This is one of two nearly identical pieces in different colors. It now hangs framed in their dining room. This piece was also one of many that Myrna has entered into an exhibit.

  2. Blackletter exercise

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    While on a business trip with her husband, Myrna used the flip-side of the hotel desk drawer as an easel for this piece. Myrna crafted this with just a travel set of water colors and one nib. Her students are often reminded that they have to “play” to make beautiful work. Myrna, herself, claims she only ever gets to do this when she “leaves her house”.